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Dive Into the New Age of Innovative Solutions

Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)

Intellitek provides technical publication services and/or IETM software packages for Class 3 & above IETMs. Intellitek's IETM software uniquely offers advanced features and capabilities compared to other IETM software in the market. 

Computer-Based Training

Intellitek can design and develop customized highly interactive CBTs with hi-fi simulations and interactivities. Intellitek can develop CBTs in any template per client requirement and per any e-learning standard, i.e., SCORM, xAPI, etc. Intellitek delivered CBTs can work with the client's own LMS (Learning Management System). Alternatively, Intellitek also has a customizable LMS platform that can be delivered along with the CBT based on the client's requirements. 

Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Solution

Intellitek offers a highly advanced interactive e-learning platform for basic aircraft maintenance training. Click the link below for a detailed course list.

Extended Reality (XR) AR/MR/VR 

Intellitek can develop can develop Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR)/Mixed Reality (MR) solutions for supporting training and operations. 

Live e-Book 

Intellitek specializes in developing interactive e-books from scratch based on the client's training requirements and converting conventional hard copy/soft copy publications to interactive e-books using NAF Technologies' innovative Live e-Book platform. NAF Technologies' Live e-Book is an advanced platform that provides a new, highly interactive reading experience. It comes with a wealth of intelligent, power-packed features that will help the end-user read and comprehend. 

Software & Mobile App 

Intellitek has expertise in end-to-end custom software and mobile app development services, from requirement analysis to design, implementation, quality assurance, delivery, maintenance, and future support. 

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